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Our Applications

We use drones to produce accurate, immersive, and meaningful data for a wide variety of business and interactive media applications. From mitigating risk to human lives in the inspection field to capturing virtual reality footage for entertainment and training, our solutions improve how people interact with technology. Using the latest in drone technology and our team of trained expert pilots, we tailor our solutions to the precise needs of our clients to improve data efficiency, impact and quality.

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Know where you stand. Be truly innovative with faster network planning, maintenance, and management solutions.



Manage every acre. Be ultra-precise with information that improves intervention speed and accuracy.



Build a smarter grid. Be better informed with safer, more frequent eyes on critical assets, reducing repair time.



Speed when it counts. Be faster in disaster with safer, more accurate claims response.


Our capabilities

Our team of expert pilots, engineers, policy analysts and business consultants work closely with our clients to leverage the latest in unmanned aerial technology — start to finish. We analyze business processes, identify the areas where we can have the most impact, fly missions, and deliver results - using the best equipment for the job, every time.

Data Collection

Providing more data - faster and safer than ever before.

Advanced Modeling & Mapping

Building custom integrations to get your data when and where you need it.

Cloud Control

Performing reliable analytics and outputsto fit your unique workflow requirements.

Our Perspective

The importance of an integrated team

Aerial Applications brings together great pilots, hardware and software achieve operational excellence. With our professional team, we are able to provide our clients with actionable data to improve their business processes.

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