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All of your projects in one place

 With the Aerial Applications user interface, you'll get access to all of your data in one place, making it easy to view drone imagery and maps. Finally, you'll have access to a simple, cloud-based application that serves as a system of record for all of your data.

Spatial Task Management Workflow

Use your dashboard to access and assign tasks based on the needs of your project.

With built-in advanced neural network and visual recognition technology, the software learns which objects are high-priority and automatically tags images based on your needs.

Calculate site measurements

Use the densified point cloud to calculate volumes, and conduct precise measurements within a digital model. 

Collaborate with your whole team

Quickly get your entire team on the same page by evaluating up to date tasks and spatial images from rapidly collected drone data. Assign those tasks to team members and monitor progress through the project life cycle.

Mobile ready 

Users can access information from their phones or tablets, easily capturing and responding to information in the field.



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