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Drone Solutions for Telecom

Fast network mapping and maintenance support

Our mapping and maintenance services slash the time required to plan new network capacity and maintain existing lines, making manually “walking out” cable a thing of the past.Our team of CAD professionals process data from the field into actionable formats for easy integration into your workflow.

Safe cell tower inspections

Drones can accurately inspect towers in a fraction of the time it takes a human in a bucket to do the same task – without the risk to the technician. Automated flight patterns enable a full inspection of a tower in a matter of minutes, in visual or thermographic imaging for quick identification of problems, and reduce the number of necessary climbs by 30-50%.

Real-time physical infrastructure monitoring with cloud services

Routine flights can fly entire networks – literally – more frequently and cost effectively than ever before, making regulatory compliance easier and allowing technicians to identify problemslong before customers experience a loss of service.