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Four Ways to Expand Your Drone Business

Jeff Brooks Oct 22, 2019 10:00:00 AM 0 Comments

The drone industry is rapidly evolving, creating new challenges for drone operators and businesses. Saturated markets, strict regulations, and increasing reliance on automated flights can all be obstacles to success.

However, there are still opportunities to make drone operations into a profitable business. In this blog post, we’ll outline four steps you can take to stay competitive.

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How Drones Are Shaping the Future of Robots-as-a-Service

Jeff Brooks Sep 13, 2019 6:42:23 PM 0 Comments

When you think of “drones,” what comes to mind? Maybe it’s the toy drone your 10-year-old neighbor constantly crashes into your yard. Maybe it’s that rumour you heard about a futuristic fleet of Amazon quadcopters lightly touching down on your front step to drop off a package. 

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Revolutionizing Pipeline Inspections

Jeff Brooks Jul 1, 2019 9:00:00 AM 0 Comments

Pipelines require a lot of data collection in order to operate smoothly and safely. Traditionally, this data has not been cheap or easy to obtain. Pipeline industry professionals are increasingly turning to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, to help them meet these challenges.

According to McKinsey, the UAV industry is expected to grow to $26 billion by 2026. The oil and gas industry is expected to benefit significantly from this growth.

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